Botna Bend Park


Botna Bend Park


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Botna Bend Park
(second park developed by Pott. Co. Conservation Board)
Hancock, Iowa
Hancock Site Plans View; Conservation Group Will Develop Area. February 14, 1964
Hancock Park 'Botna Bend'; Name Selected By County Board. June 12, 1964
Majestic Trees Feature Of County's New Park. August 6, 1964
Okay Plan For Botna Bend Park. August 14, 1964
Runway Sought At Botna Bend. February 19, 1965
Buffalo For Botna Bend Park In Fall. March 23, 1967
Elk Donated To Botna Bend. September 30, 1968
County To Get 2 Elk For Park. October 17, 1968
Grazin' While She's Gazin'. October 24, 1971
A Boy Or A Girl? Daisy Isn't Saying; Buffalo Baby. April 18, 1972
Little Dimples Likes To Tease Her Step-Dad. April 24, 1972
Botna Bend Elk Is Born. June 26, 1972
Elk Are Saved. September 13, 1972
Corps Saves Baby Buffalo. September 13, 1972
Feeding Time At Botna Bend. December 10, 1972
Peaceful Scene At Botna Bend. January 12, 1975
Botna Bend County Park Animals Get Additions. June 26, 1975
Taking Break On A Hot Day. August 17, 1975
Ol' Dave just didn't have it. November 10, 1976
It's a girl at Botna Bend; Buffalo calf is a beauty. Octber 1, 1978
Botna Bend is enjoyed by all. April 22, 1972
Botna buffalo sold; annual sale is eyed. April 6, 1980.
Buffalo herd growing at Botna Bend Park. June 1, 1981
Something new at park; The patter of little hooves. June 5, 1983
Botna's elk club on the rise again. September 18, 1986


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Botna Bend Park


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