Boy With the Leaking Boot (Statue)


Boy With the Leaking Boot (Statue)


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Boy with the Leaking Boot
formerly at Swan Pond, Fairmount Park
Offutt AFB
1983 at Centre Point Mall
Voice Of The People...'The Little Boy.' March 25, 1969
'Boy With Leaking Boot' Stands In General's Yard; Statue Has 14 'Brothers.' June 1, 1969
Boy, Boot Back To Bluffs?? May 28, 1971
The Whirligig...Leaky Boot Boy Also Found In Canada. June 7, 1971
The Whirligig...Hershey, Pa Is Home Of One Leaky Boot Boy. June 13, 1971
The Whirligig...Boy With Boot Now Has Bulb. March 15, 1972
ANOTHER "BOY WITH THE Leaky Boot" statue...June 17, 1971
THE BOY WITH THE Leaky Boot has been located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. September 15, 1971
City Side Up...Leaky Boot Statue Found. July 17, 1972
'Boy With Boot' Has Mysterious Origins. July 18, 1971
Fountain Of Lights Dedicated; 'Boy' Retires From Air Force. August 2, 1971
The Whirligig...Boy With Boot Is A Canadian Water Fountain. July 19, 1972
City Side Up...Leaking Boot Boy Mystery. December 18, 1972
'Leaking Boot' back to C.B>? September 13, 1981
'Leaking boot' mold found; it's for sale. October 7, 1981
Boy With Leaking Boot; New statue information. November 11, 1981
Boy-With-Boot coming 'home.' December 26, 1981
The boy and his boot are coming back home. May 21, 1982
'Boy' back; city plans ceremony. June 4, 1982
Prodigal boy returns; Statues exchanged. June 19, 1982
'Boot Boy' ceremony Saturday. June 17, 1982
'Boy With Leaky Boot' may find home in Mall. April 2, 1983
Leaky=boot boy getting a 'bath;' Headed for Midlands Mall
Boy at home. September 9, 1983
Three coins in the fountain. September 16, 1983
Boy's boot not leaking in Mall. October 14, 1989


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