Dunlap, Iowa


Dunlap, Iowa


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Dunlap, Iowa
Candle Leads To Life-Like Nativity - Dunlap Christmas Scene Draws Thousands December 13, 1959
First In Fifty May 30, 1962
Old Fashioned Fourth Still Lives In Memories - Was A Long Tima Ago . . . July 4, 1962
Dunlap's Pool Readied To Open For 40th Year May 23, 1963
Dunlap Officials Will Be Elected To Staggered Terms October 22, 1963
Aggressive Dunlap Merchants Out To - Arouse Interest In Their Community January 2, 1964
Dunlap's Corners Getting New Look January 15, 1964
Dunlap Hard-Hit By Dutch Elm Disease - 'Fortunately, People Realize It' July 19, 1964
Watershed Project 2-Fold Improvement Program For Dunlap August 9, 1964
Are Youngsters Are Trip Winners May 30, 1965
Dunlap Methodists Plan New Unit Consecration - Service Is Sunday November 27, 1966
Dunlap Nativity Popular Stop - Made By Farm Couple December 15, 1970
Auction Barn Goes Modern - New Dunlap Facility December 15, 1974
Life-Sized Wax Nativity Restored For Dunlap Farm Display December 14, 1975
Dunlap Dispute Leads To Arrests July 12, 1984
Dunlap Officer In Fair Condition July 13, 1984
Private Eye To Probe Complaints In Dunlap August 9, 1984
Suspect In Dunlap Fight Gets Suspended Sentence October 12, 1984
Who Is Dunlap's True Mayor? October 4, 1985
Star A Guide To Dunlap Nativity December 24, 1987
K.C.-Bound Motorist Winds Up In Dunlap December 28, 1987
Teen Stabbed In Argument August 21, 1991


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Dunlap, Iowa


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