Broadway United Methodist Church


Broadway United Methodist Church


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Broadway United Methodist Church
11 S. 1st St.
Parsonage: 255 Zenith Drive--Built 1964
Broadway United Methodist Episcopal. July 26, 1936
Gives Advice On Church Buildings; Dr. Conover Meets With 3 Local Groups. July 26, 1950
Lightning Hit Saloon, a Church Rose; and Now Broadway Methodist Has a New and Different Interior. April 6, 1952
Struggles Recalled by Aging Trio. October 18, 1952
New Educational Building Planned; Broadway Methodist To Seek $175,000. April 2, 1955
Broadway Raises #132,637 For New Educational Unit; To Start Building Plans
Kelly To Assist C.B. Methodists; To Help Visitation Evangelism Program. November 24, 1956
Approve Plans For Church Unit; Educational Center To Include Chapel. December 8, 1956
Proposed Educational Unit. December 9, 1956
Church Project Will Start Soon; Methodists Plan $230,000 Building. June 21, 1957
Pour Foundation For Church Unit. September 13, 1957
Lay Cornerstone For Church Unit; At Broadway Methodist. March 17, 1958
Seeks Injunction On Church Project. July 2, 1958
$243,000 Educational Unit Will Be Consecrated Dec. 7; Broadway Methodist Sets Tentative Date. November 9, 1958
Name Board Offices Commission Chairmen. July 4, 1959
Credit The Birds. August 15, 1962
Okay Plans To Build Parsonage. July 26, 1964
Inspect Tower Of Church For Needed Repairs. August 19, 1964
A High Up Job. September 25, 1964
Work Starts, Stops on Broadway Church Tower. September 2, 1964
Draft Plans To Rebuild Tower. October 9, 1964
Broadway Methodist Approves Design For New Church Tower. October 18, 1964
Renovation Of Church Planned; Methodist Project To Cost $200,000. October 31, 1964
Broadway Will Dedicate Educational Unit Sunday; Bishop Thomas, Dr. Parrott To Speak. March 6, 1965
New Methodist Parsonage Was Built For Practicability. March 7, 1965
Bishop Praises Building Efforts; Epworth, Broadway Methodists Cited. March 8, 1965
Over 1,000 Thrill At Steeple 'Show'; At Methodist Church. October 28, 1965
Blast Off. October 28, 1965
Broadway Methodist Opens Pre-School.; On Monday, Jan. 31. January 14, 1966
To Renovate In Chancel. April 23, 1966
Officers Are Named. May 7, 1966
Broadway Methodist Completes Entrance. August 5, 1967
Reconsecration Service, Broadway Methodist Church; Complete $295,000 Project. October 21, 1967
Broadway To Host District. March 16, 1968
An Obvious Landmark...July 27, 1968
February 30? March 1, 1969
Methodists' Lay Witness Mission. April 19, 1969
Memorials To Be Dedicated Sunday. February 28, 1970
Heritage Day Plans Underway; Set For Nov. 22. November 14, 1970
Chair Offers A Lift To Worship. February 10, 1973
Memorial Cross. May 19, 1973
Choir Loft Pews Are A Memorial. February 2, 1974
Stained Glass Windows Adorn Churches; History Along With Beauty. July 6, 1974
Broadway United to burn mortgage. April 28, 1979
Asian family arrives in Bluffs; Sponsors United Methodists. July 21, 1979
'Ye Olde Broadway Market;' Interesting assortment offered. November 4, 1979
Japan teacher learns from C.B.; Watching kindergarteners. February 17, 1980
InterChurch Forum officially adopted. April 4, 1981
The monuments and memorials of Council Bluffs; One in a series. November 18, 1981
Dedication a tradition at Broadway. May 26, 1984
Broadway Crusade. October 6, 1984
Guest minister helps in crusade. October 27 1984
Confirmation set. April 13, 1985
Guests at Broadway UMC. May 4, 1985
Cross is reported missing from C.B. Methodist church. Feburary 8, 1989
Church turns 100-years-old. January 18, 1992


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