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Broadway Viaduct
(Includes one clip/pic on "Viaduct Park"
Officially opened 8/17/55
Urges Speedup of Broadway Viaduct; Committee Points to Death of Manning Girl. September 15, 1950
Preliminary Plans for Viaduct Ready; Will Be Viewed by City Group Friday. November 14, 1956
City Council Okays Viaduct With 2 Ramps. October 21, 1950
Viaduct Would Divert Traffic; Seeks to Eliminate Downtown Congestion.October 22, 1950
Katelman to Propose New Viaduct Route. November 19, 1950
To Acquire Land Soon for Viaduct; May Change Plans to Delete Diversion Ramp to Avenue B. September 6, 1951
Sells Property To State. December 8, 1951
Sells Store Corner at Appraisal Price; Steinberg Wants "to See Viaduct Built." December 8, 1951
Plan Borings for Broadway Viaduct; Soil Tests Should Be Complete by Fall. February 28, 1952
J.J. Brown Sells Land for Viaduct; Received $27,000 for Broadway Properties. March 15, 1952
Plan Parking Lot Along the Viaduct; 2-Block Long Strip Will Be Available. March 27, 1952
Check Pilings for B'dway Viaduct; Capacity Is Tested Around-the-clock. June 19, 1952
First Building Is Razed for Viaduct.July 31, 1952
Introduces Bill on B'dway Span; Can Help Clear Way for $5 Million Viaduct. February 25, 1953
May Start on Viaduct By Late Fall; Hope to Let Contract on $2 Million Span in October or November. August 13, 1953
City, State to Prepare for Viaduct; Will Meet Next Week to Start Ironing Out Problems on Project. August 14, 1953
Air Problems About Viaduct; Will Take About Two Years to Build. August 21, 1953
'Good Progress' on Viaduct Plans; Overpass to Sit North of Broadway. September 27, 1953
May Let Viaduct Contract Oct. 20. September 29, 1953
Calls for Bids on B'dway Viaduct; State Hits Target Date of October 20. October 5, 1953
Viaduct Detour Contracts Let; Bids About 9 Pct. Below Estimate. October 6, 1953
To Us, It's Still the B'dway Viaduct. October 7, 1953
City Sells Bonds For Viaduct Work; $200,000 Issue to Becker, Cownie Firm. October 13, 1953
Larsen Bros. Believed Low On Viaduct; Highway Commission Checking 12 Bids On $2 Million Project. October 20, 1953
Viaduct Work To Begin Soon; C.B. Construction Co. Is Given Sub-Contract. October 22, 1953
City To Condemn 5 Viaduct Sites; Final Legal Barrier To $1,500,000 Span. October 24, 1953
Work On Viaduct To Start Dec. 1; Larsen Bros. Get Signed Contract. November 9, 1953
Viaduct Work To Start This Week; Avenue B Detour into Operation On Tuesday. November 29, 1953
Bans Picketing On Viaduct Job; Issues Injunction Against 3 Unions. December 30, 1953
Start Concrete Viaduct Approach. June 15, 1954
Start September 10 On Steel Work; Broadway Viaduct Work On Schedule. August 29, 1954
Viaduct Work To Stop For Winter; $2 Million Project About On Schedule. October 10, 1954
Viaduct Work In Full Force; Prepare For Pouring Of Concrete Floor. March 2, 1955
Pour Last Part Of Viaduct Deck; $2 Million Project Nearing Completion. July 6, 1955
Viaduct Is Nearing Completion; A Nonpareil Picture Story. July 10, 1955
Gov. Hoegh Snips Ribbon As Viaduct Dream Comes True. August 16, 1955
Final Touch. August 16, 1955
No Thoughts Of Trains As Drivers Use Viaduct. August 18, 1955
Broadway Viaduct. August 18, 1955
Pint-Size Park. September 14, 1961
Guard Rail For Viaduct. April 24, 1969
Viaduct Work Is Stopped. October 1, 1972
Bidding Received For Viaduct Repair. May 25, 1972


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