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Burlington Northern Railroad


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Burlington Northern Railroad
Tom-Tom Throbs as Indians Dance in Tribute to Zephyr. March 11, 1934
Burlington Banks Curves and Moves Signals for Safety of Speed Train. November 7, 1934
Original Streamliner Operates Through Council Bluffs. July 26, 1946
Burlington Road Started in 1850. July 26, 1946
Burlington Has Big Program; 63 Million Set Up for 1949 Improvements. August 8, 1939
Brought Bluffs Streamlined Trains; Honors to the Zephyr. October 8, 1939
Romance Mixes With Business at Local Mail Terminal; Foreign Mail Handled Here; Sorting Here Speeds Delivery. October 8, 1939
Pioneer Zephyr Passes Million; Crashes Paper Hoop Just South of City. December 29, 1939
New Diesels On Local Lines. March 7, 1940
Three Diesels Put in Operation. March 7, 1940
Burlington Railroad May Expand Here; Plans Extensive Relocations of Yard Facilities. January 15, 1954
Burlington Railroad Buys Industrial Site; 'Vote Of Confidence' in C.B. May 16, 1956
Railroad Negotiates For Part Of Airport; Meets With City Officials. September 6, 1956
Old Landmark Evacuated By Burlington Railroad; Dates Back to Civil War Era...October 7, 1956
'Fast Mail' Service Program Slated Here; To Mark Diamond Anniversary. March 1, 1959
Railroads Will Rise To Challenge--Siedle; 125 At "Fast mail' Observance. March 11, 1959
Railroad Office Moving To Bluffs. March 15, 1962
C.B. Landmark Is Being Razed. March 13, 1964
Dump Truck Hit By Zephyr; 4 Hurt. October 15, 1966
Heading The Wrong Way. October 16, 1966
Take No Chances. October 16, 1966
Medical Attention Soon. October 16, 1966
Credit Engineer In Zephyr Crash; HIs Action Prevented More Injuries. October 16, 1966
2 Men Still Hospitalized From Crash. October 17, 1966
Driver Is Injured. April 23, 1969
Changing Names. March 1, 1970
Down It Comes. May 26, 1970
Ak-Sar-Ben Zephyr Makes Its Last Run. August 5, 1970
End Of The Line. August 9, 1970
Burlington Depot Cuts Approved. January 13, 1972
BN Plans Base Radio. April 30, 1972
BN Looks To Billion Dollar Image. April 30, 1972
Old Burlington RR Depot Is Purchased By Blue Star. June 13, 1972
Old Train Depot To Be Destroyed. November 16, 1972
Cold Fouls Rails, 23 Cars Dump. January 11, 1973
Burlington To Move Omaha Office To Denver. February 21, 1974
B-N layoffs won't affect CB workers. September 27, 1979
Wildcat strike in negotiations. March 10, 1980
Nuclear waste trains through SW Iowa? February 3, 1982
Derailment blamed on BN procedures. February 9, 1963
Engineer dies in train crash. April 13, 1983
BN to test trains[sic] radios. April 14, 1983
Result of collision. April 13, 1983


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