Census, 1960


Census, 1960


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Census, 1960
Pottawattamie Lone SW Iowa County To Grow During 1950s; SUI Professor Reports. March 16, 1960
55,733 Persons In Co. Bluffs City LImits; Gain of 10,304 Since 1950. May 1, 1960
63,228 Residents In 'Greater Council Bluffs' Area; Increase of 13, 458 Since 1950. May 17, 1960
Pottawattamie Shows Census Gain Of 14, 738; While Other 13 Counties In District Slip Back. May 5, 1960
Pottawattamie Count, 83,109. June 11, 1960
Cooperative S.W. Iowa Census Count. May 5, 1960
Census Gain Is One Of Largest In C.B. History; On A Percentage Basis. May 8, 1960
Population of Iowa Counties. May 26, 1960
Iowa Population Totatl 2,739,299; 4-1/2 Per Cent Gain. May 26, 1960.
1,196 C.B. Persons 'Lost' In Official Census Count. November 19, 1960
Final Populaion [sic] Figures Announced For SW Iowa. November 20, 1960
City-Levied Property Taxes In C.B. Are Lowest In Iowa; Among Seven Largest Towns. September 25, 1961
Average C.B. Family: Young, One CHild, Owns Home, Auto; U.S. Department Of Commerce Reveals. January 14, 1962
Most C.B. People Marry For Keeps; Females Hold Power; Census Bureau Statistics Reveal. February 26, 1961
Council Bluffs Is Third Fastest Growing City In State Of Iowa; Among The Top 10. April 10, 1961
Population Figures Pose Question for Dan Cupid. July 9, 1961
Events Of 1961 Prove Council Bluffs One Of State's Fastest Growing Cities. January 2, 1962
Average Bluffs Family Had $5,967 Income in 1960; Bureau Of Census Reports. Febvurary 25, 1962
Estimate Iowa Population Up; Counties Gain; Six S.W. Iowa. March 9, 1962
81 Pct Of C.B. Families Live In Single Unit Homes; Census Bureau Reports. April 19, 1962
Pottawattamie Farm Population Down 2, 082; County Total Up Over 17,000 But...November 9, 1964
Farm Census Is Now Under Way. November 13, 1964
S.W. Iowa Farm Population Drops Nearly 2,000 A Year; Revealed In Dept. Of Agriculture Census. October 10, 1965
Census Shows Gains. February 7, 1966
Estimate Population At 60,000. March 27, 1966
City Asks Certification of 1966 Special Census; To Gian 563 Residents. November 10, 1967


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