Census 1970


Census 1970


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Census, 1970
Census Takers Are Needed For C.B. Nebraska Work. February 19, 1970.
Scherle Opens Census Office. March 1, 1970
Census Officially Underway. March 5, 1970
Ready Census Mail. March 17, 1970
Towns In County Are Growing; S.W. Iowa Down. May 8, 1970
CB Population 60,554; Gain Of 9 Per Cent. June 9, 1970
Bluffs Might Seek Special '72 Census. June 10, 1970
Census Bureau To Take Survey Of Unemployment. August 13, 1970
Population Increases By 1.2 Per Cent. July 31, 1970
Bluffs Count: 50,923; Pottawattamie: 86,080; Half Of State's Population In 15 Counties. August 17, 1970
C.B. Has 60,348 People. December 23, 1970
2 Counties Show Gains. December 28, 1970
Lewis Township Has Big Growth. December 29, 1970
Minority Population Gains; Census Figures Show. February 8, 1971
Discuss Methods To Curb Exodus From SW Iowa. March 4, 1971
Grandma Wins Fight With Census County. MJarch 14, 1971
Omaha Area Ranked 59th. March 22, 1971
Braddywille Wins Battle Of Census. April 4, 1971
Metropolitan Area Ranks 48th In U.S. July 22, 1971
SW Iowa Farming $300 Million Business; Fewer Farms, But Bigger Ones. August 19, 1971
1970 Census Figures Show Women Outnumber Men Here., September 19, 1971
Bluffs Housing Up In 1960-1970 Period. December 16, 1971
Pottawattamie Growth Rate To Stay Steady 30 Per Cent. January 24, 1973
Metro Area Ranks 66th. May 3, 1973
Metro Area Growth Pattern Brighter In Iowa State Report. Januay 20, 1974
Metro Population Forecast Is Reduced by 50,000. February 4, 1974
SW Iowa Population Mostly Up; Audubon County Down Slightly., September 8, 1974
Metro Area Population To Increase. November 11, 1974
Plans For 1980 Census Being Made For Bluffs. July 7, 1975
Population up in county. March 30, 1978
City's numbers disputed. May 9, 1978
Population challenge snuffed out. June 6, 1978
C.B. drawing residents; According to study. June 6, 1979
Council Bluffs-Omaha are grading population. September 25, 1979


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