Floods - Council Bluffs


Floods - Council Bluffs


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Floods - Council Bluffs
(Newspaper photos) Flooding on Broadway near Main and Tenth and Eleventh streets August 26, 1903
Men Work Day and Night in Race To Throw Up Levee May 26, ?1927?
Current Cutting Bank Crowds Crew Off Planned Route; Eating Sacrificial 10 Acres At Rate of 25 Feet Each Day; Levee Only Temporary; Idea Now Is To Throw Up Something To Protect Farms During June Rise - After That, Curb The River May 26, ?1927?
River Mocking Revetment Bulwark; Where Sandbags Protected Levee's End; Where River Did Its First Cutting; Missouri Taking Another Mouthful; Scene Of Race Between Men and River May 26, ?1927?
Where Missouri River ??? Bottoms and Threatens To Cut New Channel North of City May 15, 1927
Act To Prevent Rumored Plans of I.C. Officials; Crescent Men Spring To Arms After Fighting Off Flood; 50 Sentinels on Guard; Danger of Further Damage Here Passes as Stage of River Drops One Foot Between Sunday Night and Monday May 16, 1927
Where Guns Prevent Rumored Dike Cut (diagram) May 16, 1927
Diagram of Missouri River Levee breech causing flood May 17, 1927
PWA Project Seeks to Solve Indian Creek Problem, Long Source of Expense to City May 1927
Dike Controversy Settled Without Bloodshed May 17, 1927
Green Wires For U.S. River Help; Congressman Asks That Engineer Make Survey South of City; Water Cuts Food A Day June 5, 1927
Fort Peck Dam To Prevent Floods Such as Those Which Swept Valley in 1881 December 17, 1933
High Water In 1881 Made Lake Manawa; Two Floods That Year Spread Devastation In City; Whole Families Fled December 17, 1933
Crews Clear Traffic Way Through Sea of Mud Left On Streets By Creek June 27, 1935
Kids Help Flood-Stalled Car Out of Street Lake June 26, 1935
Mud Left By Flood Mires Many Automobiles June 26, 1935
Total Rainfall Here Wednesday Is 4.19 Inches; Indian Creek Pours Water And Silt Over Large Area; Families Are Routed; City Crews of 100 Men With Scrapers and Fire Hoses Clear Deposits of Mud Off Streets June 26, 1935
City Warned To Prepare For Floods; Expect Highest Water Since 1881 in river; Protection Planned April 6, 1943
New Estimate of Height in Flood Crest; Expect 23-foot Level Before Crest Passes The City 1943
Boulevard Detour Is Needed April 9, 1943
Red Cross Ready For Emergency; Only Shoes Lacking If Need Arises April 9, 1943
It's "Big" Lake Once More 1943
Start Move To Make CB Flood-free; Army, Congressional Officials To Attend Wednesday Meeting August 3, 1952
Gillette Pledges Aid For Flood-free City August 1952
Army Ready To Fight Any Flood Threat August 24, 1952
Creeks Are Biggest Flood Threat In Council Bluffs July 21, 1977
Council Bluffs, Corps, MVA Have A Stake In Waterfront December 15, 1968
Rain Brings Threat of Flooding May 10, 1995
More Rain May Flood Hamburg May 11, 1995
Basements Flooded From Sewer Backup - Heavy downpour blamed for problems in southwestern Bluffs July 25, 1995


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Floods - Council Bluffs


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