Golden Spike
Golden Spike Days


Golden Spike
Golden Spike Days


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Golden Spike
Golden Spike Days
Work On "Golden Spike" Marker April 10, 1939
Local Whiskers' Club Stands For Its Picture April 13, 1939
Spike Nearly Completed April 21, 1939
Golden Spike Days Highlights April 26, 1939
U.P. Boss Is A Boy April 26, 1939
When The Locomotives Kissed April 26, 1939
Golden Spike In Park System Here April 26, 1939
Spike Monument Is Boyne's Idea April 26, 1939
Compromise On Plaque Wording - No Dates Given On Shaft Marker April 26, 1939
Four Opinions On Where To Place Plaque On Spike April 26, 1939
Spike Located On Park Drive April 26, 1939
Real Golden Spike Used In The Movie April 26, 1939
First Transcontinental Road Realized Dream - Prophesied Even Before Railways Were Actually Proved Success April 26, 1939
End Of U.P. Is Almost Mystery - Committee Chooses East End Of Transfer April 26, 1939
He Uses Golden Spike To Write History April 26, 1939
The Nonpareil Reported Driving Of Golden Spike April 26, 1939
Beauties And History April 1939
Raft Gets A "Ride" In Phaeton April 28, 1939
Vandals At Large June 2, 1939
Bluffs Rich In Rail History - City And County Gave Financial Aid October 8, 1939
Cannons Boomed Rail Welcome - North Western Came Here Early In 1867 October 8, 1939
Clean Up Golden Spike Park August 20, 1950
In Council Bluffs, You May Stand In Abe's Footprints - Sightseeing In Iowa . . . August 6, 1951
Rail Museum Plan Dropped - Golden Spike Dispute Causes Decision September 11, 1955
Moving Of Golden Spike Urged By Chamber Group September 15, 1955
Seek $2000 To Renovate Golden Spike March 4, 1962
Trio From Old Whiskers Club Tells Need For Renovating The Golden Spike - As Jaycees Conduct Fund Drive . . . March 11, 1962
Coziahr Cares For Golden Spike April 8, 1962
Golden Spike Monument Gets Two Coats Of Paint April 30, 1962
It's Disgusting: May 3, 1962
Sidewalks Installed: November 10, 1962
Park Board To Take Over Golden Spike December 20, 1963
Action Group Would Like To Move The Golden Spike - To 'More Suitable' Location January 12, 1965
Golden Spike Idea Is Tabled - Park Board Needs More Information January 14, 1965
Golden Spike Move Too Costly; Action Group Turns To Shrubs - Eye Beautification Project March 9, 1965
Spike In Bluffs Marks U.P. 'Zero' October 31, 1965
Spike Gets Sprayed June 14, 1968
New Glow Floods The Golden Spike March 2, 1969
C.B. Stamp Club Plans Exhibition - To Offer Special Covers October 18, 1973
Special Union Pacific Steam Powered Excursion Set April 1994


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Golden Spike
Golden Spike Days


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Golden Spike
Golden Spike Days


Council Bluffs, Iowa


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