Chicago Great Western Railroad


Chicago Great Western Railroad


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Chicago Great Western Railroad
CGW Railroad Strike Settled; 10 of 72 Employes [sic] No at Work Here. March 9, 1953
CGW Opens New Depot In Bluffs. January 11, 1956
Chicago Great Western Has New $60,000 Facility
CGW Starts 2nd Big Project Here; Includes Complete New Engine House. February 7, 1956
CGW Construction To Start Monday. October 4, 1956
New Railroad Facility. August 28, 1957
Great Western Puts Final Touches On 'Model Yard;' Two-Year Project Costs More Than Half Million. August 28, 1957
C.B. Facilities Impress 'Top Brass' of Railroad; Come Here In Special Train. September 11, 1957
Great Western Railway Adopts Ex-Bluffs Man's Caboose Plan; New Car More Versatile. February 18, 1962
New Power For CGW. September 15, 1963
CGW To End Passenger Service Here. September 29, 1965
Unbuilding A Railroad. June 8, 1969
City And Railroad Settle Paving Assessment Hassle. June 11, 1969
Railroad Tracks "Vanishing." July 6, 1969


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Chicago Great Western Railroad


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