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Today...after a face lifting in 1941, the Liberty Theater looks like this. There have been slight changes in adjoining buildings. Over the years, admission prices have changed with the times. So have the automobiles

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Following World War I, when the business section was decorated for the return of Unit K, the Liberty Theater and adjoining buildings on Broadway between Scott and Sixth Streets looked like this. Admissions to the…

Today...a modern masonry structure at Twenty-eighth St. and Avenue A houses the office and storage barns of the Council Bluffs Transit Co. Changeover from electric street cars to buses has eliminated the need for the many rails and switches that…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--About 1892 the Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Co. barns at Twenty-eighth St. and Avenue A, were little more than a shelter constructed of corrugated metal over a wood frame. This old photo comes from A.J.…

Today...a new building has replaced the old machine shop, now houses the parcel post station on a temporary basis while the Chieftain Van and Storage uses the old garage building. The same tower on Central Fire Station shows at left.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--In 1912 when automobiles were still somewhat of a hobby instead of a necessity, this garage at 45 N. Main St. was being operated by John A. Franks. Next door was the machine shop run by Fred Duerr, with the tower of…

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Frank B. Stewart, Council Bluffs, Iowa, thanking her for a gift.

A poem, "Tribute to Amelia," sent to Amelia Bloomer

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from M.F.C. [Des Moines, Iowa?] asking Bloomer to secure people to agitate the [women's rights] questions in Iowa's newspapers.

A poem, "The Little Advocate," by Mrs. L.H. Sigourney to Amelia Bloomer. Possibly a submission to 'The Lily."

Resolutions from the Star of Hope of the Good Templars upon the occasion of the Bloomers' move to The West.

Last part of a note or letter apparently meant to accompany a gift of a photo album; signed by Amelia Bloomer [?]

Jan and Dennis Stamp pose in front of The Library, their newly-opened restaurant in Harlan. Built in 1929, the building closed as the city's public library in 1983.

The Shelby County Courthouse in Harlan, Iowa was built in 1892 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. It was designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style by Charles E. Bell of Council Bluffs and built for $62,733.90. It is…

Admiring The Texture . . . of an exposed-log wall in one of the bedrooms is LaVale Jensen of Harlan. The adaptability of the logs enabled the Jensens to choose between paneling, dry-walling or leaving the logs exposed for a variety of interior…

A Beetle Log Home . . . adds a touch of history to the neighborhood of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jensen of Harlan. Built by Jensen in just 86 days, the house has over 1,200 feet of living space. Although the house has no basement, a large utility room is…

The New Shelby County Museum . . . in Potter's Park in Harlan dwarfs two nearby cabins which have been renovated and are being furnished according to the period of their construction. The museum, measuring 44 by 90 feet, has two levels for various…
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