Council Bluffs Postcard Collection

The Emil Pavich Postcard Collection contains 511 historic postcards of Council Bluffs dating from the late 1890’s to the 1970’s. These postcards preserve striking historical images of Council Bluffs monuments, buildings, and parks.

The Council Bluffs Public Library has digitized this collection and made it available, for the first time, for public viewing on our new digital archive site.

Emil Pavich was a lifelong Council Bluffs resident and community leader. He bequeathed his collection of Council Bluffs postcards to the library in 2006. At the time, the collection was appraised at $4,250.

In giving his collection to the Council Bluffs Public Library, Emil expressed that he would have been pleased for collection to be on display “in the future for the public’s viewing enjoyment.”

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