Daniel K. Dodson – Early Citizen of Council Bluffs, Iowa

Daniel K. Dodson was born in 1840 to James M. and Sarah Dodson. At the time the family was living in Illinois. By the mid 1840s James, Sarah and their 3 sons were heading west with the Mormon migration.
The family stayed in Iowa for a few years and had two daughters, Chloe & Sarah.

In 1850 the family is listed as living in Utah, but they weren’t there long, as by 1852 the Dodsons were living in Monterey, California.

Sometime after 1860 the family decided to move back east. Daniel made his way back to Harrison County, Iowa, where in 1866 he married Emma Alexander. They made their home in Harrison County until the early 1880s when they moved to Council Bluffs. They had 5 children, Rose, Pluma, Ellie, Charles and Edward.

Daniel made his living as a teamster. One of his jobs as a driver was to haul the mail from the depot to post office.

The Dodson’s lived a quiet life, but their family knew heartache. Their daughter Ellie died at the age of 5 of typhoid fever. In 1884 Mr. Dodson and his son Charlie were in wagon that overturned. Mr. Dodson survived his injuries, but 11 year old Charlie died a few days later.

Daniel and Emma lived at 316 Benton until 1901 when they lived at 357 Harrison. Their daughters Rose & Pluma married and Edward Dodson was a mail carrier in Council Bluffs for 32 years.

Daniel Dodson passed away in his sleep on April 21, 1908. Emma passed away on May 15, 1919. They are buried in Fairview Cemetery.