Games at your library

Maybe you’re a gamer. Or maybe you just have some time to kill. Either way, the library has you covered because we are the place for all of your gaming needs…

The library has a collection of over 100 popular board games. Bring some friends and pick your favorite game, because we have everything from Monopoly to Catan. And we have family games for the kiddos. You can check out the full list here.

Oh, and did you know that we check out Video Games? Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo… The library has about 800 video games for a wide variety of platforms, and for a wide variety of ages. These check out just like books, which means you can take them home and play them on your own system. Games check out for three weeks, which is usually enough time to beat a game. So save yourself some money and borrow games from us, for free! You can browse video games in our catalog. Just click here.

And if there is a game that you want, and we don’t have it yet, you can let us know using our suggest we buy form.