General Dodge Archive

If you grew up in Council Bluffs, chances are you have visited the Dodge House. And I bet you have probably seen the “Black Angel.”

So you know the name “Dodge,” but did you know that Grenville Dodge was a Union spymaster, and pioneer of military intelligence? Or that he was the chief engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad?  Or a US Congressman? Or the leader of a brutal campaign against the Sioux?

The Council Bluffs Public Library is home to many of Dodge’s documents, letters, and records. Our volunteers have been working hard to scan transcripts of Dodge’s papers, and to make them available online. Once finished, these papers will comprise a comprehensive digital archive of General Dodge’s life, offering a unique window into the life of this historically significant figure.

There are already hundreds of pages of papers in this archive, with many more to come in the future. CLICK HERE to view the General Dodge Collection in our online archive.