Jeremiah Folsom – Early Citizen of Council Bluffs

Jeremiah Folsom was born in New Hampshire in 1817. As a young man he moved to Michigan and in 1840 married Marcia A Hopkins. While in Michigan they had two children, Marcia and Edward. Jeremiah was listed as a glass manufacturer in the 1850 federal census.

In 1854 the Folsom family came west with the family of W. W. Maynard. Together Folsom and Maynard founded the Council Bluffs Chronotype newspaper.

The photographs above are of Jeremiah and Marcia circa 1865.

Jeremiah didn’t show up in the society columns of the newspaper, instead he was found in the land transactions. He also ran a dry goods store, but his main business was as a land speculator.

In 1868 Marcia passed away at the age of 52. She is buried in Fairview cemetery.

In July of 1869 Jeremiah married Sarah Marie Blake. They had 3 children, Adell, Florence and George. Unfortunately Sarah died at the age of 31 about a week after giving birth to George. She is buried in Fairview Cemetery.

When Jeremiah was 59 he married Agnes Petrie who was 39. She became step-mother to Sarah’s three children and in 1878 she and Jeremiah had a son, Ward.

Jeremiah Folsom passed away in 1884 at the age of 67. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery.

Agnes Folsom died in 1932 and was cremated. She left an estate valued at $32,400.00 (roughly $602,153.58 in today’s dollars). She left her entire estate to her son Ward Folsom.