Kids’ Summer Reading Club

Sign up for the Summer Reading Club, June 1-August 1

Our Summer Reading Club at the Library is designed to inspire free choice in reading and encourage kids and families to have a little extra fun with reading all summer long.

How to sign up:
1. Stop by the Youth Desk
2. Get your BINGO card
3. READ!
4. VOTE!

How it works:
Return your completed BINGO card and vote for a community prize. We’ll purchase the 2 items that get the most votes for you to enjoy at the Library.

In case you’re wondering about the change to our prize structure this year, we’ve spent a lot of time over the last several months thinking about how we’re encouraging kids to read over the summer. We’ve made some changes this year for a variety of reasons:

1. To Encourage Community
As a staff, we very much like the idea of our readers working together toward a common goal–a goal that will benefit all of the young Library users in our community.

2. To Encourage All the Readers
In the past, we have always incorporated raffle prizes into the Summer Reading Club. However, this means that when 1,000 kids sign up for and participate in the program, only a handful walk away with a prize. As kids get older, they start to feel more and more discouraged as they understand the low probability of a win. We thought the money normally spent on raffle prizes would be better spent on items for the Library that all of our users can enjoy–it’s a prize for everyone!

3. To Encourage a Healthier Environment
We’ve all seen kids thrilled the moment they’re handed a trinket toy, but does that toy even entertain them for the length of the ride home? More often than not the cheap plastic toys that libraries can afford to give to more than 1,000 kids each summer end up as clutter in our homes. These toys eventually find their way to a landfill and we think we can help motivate our readers more responsibly by purchasing a community prize.

BINGO cards will be available at the Youth Desk beginning June 1st.