New Carpet

For the past nineteen years nearly 1,000 visitors a day have walked on the carpet at your Council Bluffs Public Library. And while the carpet has held up well under all of those shoes, it is definitely starting show its age. This is why, beginning in late August 2017, your public library will be getting new carpet.

Your library is dedicated to staying open during the entire carpeting process – which, with 67,500 square feet to cover, is expected to last from late August until early November. Areas of the building will be disrupted as new carpet is installed, but the library will continue to provide services and to allow for access to collections.

The present-day library building was completed in 1998, and has won awards for its beautiful design. The City of Council Bluffs and your Public Library are dedicated to maintaining this great facility. The original carpet design will be maintained, including the decorative pattern in the entry way.

The new carpet will ensure that your library remains clean and beautiful for decades to come.