Ticketed Event* Eric Litwin: Children’s Author

September 25, 2018
Performances at 5:00 & 6:30

We have been so excited by the amazing response to Eric Litwin’s visit in September! Both Eric Litwin shows are currently sold out. Given the popularity of this event, we don’t want any tickets to go to waste! Please keep the following in mind as the event gets closer:

  • If you find that you cannot use ANY of your tickets, please login to Eventbrite.com and cancel your order so that those tickets can be claimed by another family.
  • If you can use some (but not all) of your tickets, you are welcome to give extras away to family or friends. You may also go to the Library’s Facebook and find the Event listing for Eric Litwin so that you can offer your tickets publicly to a family that did not get any.
  • If you are seeking tickets, please post to the Library’s Facebook Event for Eric Litwin so that anyone with extra tickets knows you are on the hunt.

This program is provided through the generosity of the Alice Wells Memorial Fund.