Timothy and Nancy Joiner – Early Citizens of Council Bluffs

Timothy Joiner was born September 11, 1793 in New York State. Nancy Moore was born in Ogdensburg, Canada on February 6th, 1816. Timothy and Nancy were married in New York State on March 2, 1834.

On their way to Council Bluffs they lived in Ohio where they had 2 children, Harriet and Hannah. In Illinois they welcomed Ellen to the family.

By 1849 the family was living in Weston, Missouri and Timothy was running a boarding house.

In 1852 they finally made it to Council Bluffs. Timothy ran a grocery store for a few years. He also owned a large piece of property around the intersection of 4th Street and Broadway. After selling this property and closing his store, Timothy retired, enjoying, as his obituary said, “the quiet comforts of home.”

Harriet Joiner married Martin Hardin. Hannah Joiner married Jefferson Casady and Ellen Joiner married James Casady.

Timothy Joiner passed away on August 19th, 1878 after an extended illness. Nancy passed away on April 22, 1889. They are both buried in Fairview cemetery.