Video Production at Tech Lab

Fearless is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Small Business Entrepreneur. When he needed to produce series of videos, the Small Business Development center referred him to the Council Bluffs Library. Using professional equipment and software from the library Tech Lab, he was able to produce the videos he needed for his business.

The Council Bluffs Makerspace offers free community access to HD Camcorders, video editing software, music software, green screens, lighting, and other production tools. Access to these tools enables people to make quality media productions without needing to invest in specialized software and equipment.

“Two weeks ago I didn’t know anything about this,” Fearless said. “Now I am editing videos, adding music, and animations. Library staff helped me get started – they have been awesome.”

Whatever your personal or professional goals are, the library Tech Lab has the equipment and experience to take your media productions to the next level. Check out the Tech Lab page for more information.