What’s New in the Youth Room

Welcome back to the Youth Room! If you haven’t been in since school started, we had new carpet laid during the last week of August. We’re still expecting some changes to the space in the coming months, but we already have lots of new things to share with you.

Some new features and activities will be apparent as you enter the space, but we also have a lot of new activity options available by request from the Youth Desk.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore our “menu” of activities, which is available for browsing on tables throughout the room. We have added a lot more interactive games and activities. We have quite a few options with appeal for school-age patrons, but there are new activities for all ages!

To check out any of our interactive sets or games, you need to provide staff with a library card, driver’s license, or car keys. The sets and games must stay in the Youth Room. When they are returned to the desk and the items in the set/game are verified, we will return your piece of collateral.

We have also made our iPads (previously available only to patrons under 5) available to any patron in 6th grade or younger. The iPads have been loaded with a whole new set of apps, which will be organized by recommended age groups.

Please drop by to see us soon and have a great time sitting and exploring all the Library has to offer!