Board Games

You know the library has books and DVDs. But did you know the Library has a large collection of board games?

Join us for Bluffs Game Night – the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, where there will be plenty of tables, games, and players.

Games can also be borrowed with your library card and used in the library.

Some Rules

  • Games are loaned at the Reference Desk (second floor) with a valid library card.
  • Games can be checked out for up to 2 hours.
  • No more than one game can be borrowed at a time.
  • You must be 11+ years old to check out a game.
  • While playing, please be quiet and respectful of others using the library.
  • Game pieces are sorted into labeled bags – when finished, return them to the correct bags. Patrons returning an incomplete game may be charged for the cost of the entire game.
  • Games and game pieces cannot leave the library – when finished, return the game to the Reference Desk.

Available Board Games

ImageTitleNumber of PlayersAgesDuration
pic860217_t7 Wonders2-710+30 Min.
pic259085_tAgricola1-512+30-150 Min.
pic213515_tApples to Apples4-1012+30 Min.
Apples to Apples Junior4-89+30 Min.
pic175966_tArkham Horror1-812+120-240 Min.
pic87713_tAxis & Allies: Europe2-412+210 Min.
pic24006_tAxis and Allies2-512+180 Min.
pic55221_tBackgammon28+30 Min.
pic1170986_tBANG!4-78+20-40 Min.
pic21060_tBattle Cry210+45 Min.
81Et22AcyXL._SL1500_Battleship28+30 Min.
pic354500_tBattlestar Galactica: The Board Game3-610+120-240 Min.
pic828598_tBetrayal at House on the Hill3-612+60 Min.
pic153979_tBlokus2-45+20 Min.
pic69366_tBohnanza2-713+45 Min.
pic1732644_tBoss Monster2-413+20 Min.
81OVGVgbNOL._SL1500_Candy Land2-43+30 Min.
pic166867_tCarcassonne2-58+30-40 Min.
pic1176894_tCastles of Burgundy, The2-412+30-90 Min.
pic1790789_tCaverna: The Cave Farmers1-712+30-210 Min.
pic113720_tCheckers26+30 Min.
pic260745_tChess2660 Min.
61uClGzQPwL__AA160_Chutes and Ladders2-63+30 Min.
pic1986993_tClue3-68+45 Min.
pic1847663_tClumsy Thief2-68+15 Min.
pic1907628_tConcept4-1210+40 Min.
51l01L+fNzL__AA160_Connect 426+15 Min.
Count Your Chickens2-43+10 Min.
pic121094_tCribbage2-410+30 Min.
pic1180640_tDescent: Journeys in the Dark2-514+120 Min.
pic288149_tDiplomacy2-412+360 Min.
pic455883_tDixit3-66+30 Min.
pic394356_tDominion2-413+30 Min.
pic460011_tDominion: Intrigue2-413+30 Min.
pic90585_tDominoes2-105+30 Min.
pic1001617_tDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Game!2-43+30 Min.
Empire Builder2-612+180 Min.
Exploding Kittens2-57+15 Min.
Farkle2-88+30 Min.
pic185695_tFive Crowns2-78+30 Min.
pic2055255_tFive Tribes2-413+60 Min.
Fluxx2-68+5-30 Min.
forsaleFor Sale3-68+20 Min.
pic646458_tForbidden Island2-410+30 Min.
Funemployed3-2013+30 Min.
61wB+8fuchL__AA160_Game of Life, The2-68+60 Min.
pic1077906_tGame of Thrones: The Board Game3-614+120-240 Min.
pic1728832_tGo28+90 Min.
Go Fish2-63+20 Min.
pic2007286_tHanabi2-58+25 Min.
Hi-Ho Cherry-O!2-43+10 Min.
pic1513385_tHonor of the Samurai3-610+90 Min.
pic957777_tHoot Owl Hoot!2-44+15 Min.
pic275096_tJenga2-86+20 Min.
1King of Tokyo2-68+30 Min.
pic1152359_tKingdom Builder2-48+45 Min.
pic447994_tLe Havre1-512+100-200 Min.
legendaryLegendary1-514+45 Min.
pic1902092_tLewis and Clark: The Expedition1-514+120 Min.
pic177944_tLoot2-810+20 Min.
pic1116080_tLords of Waterdeep2-512+60 Min.
pic1401448_tLove Letter2-410+30 Min.
pic1083380_tMage Knight Board Game1-414+150 Min.
pic43663_tMemoir '4428+30-60 Min.
Memory1-63+15 Min.
pic265476_tMonopoly2-88+180 Min.
pic1871016_tMunchkin3-610+90 Min.
Old Maid2-64+5 Min.
pic243834_tOthello28+30 Min.
pic1534148_tPandemic2-48+45 Min.
pic516869_tParcheesi2-65+30 Min.
51bOAK+RIPL__AA160_Pictionary3-1612+90 Min.
pic1154163_tPinochle2-410+45 Min.
pic173153_tPower Grid2-612+120 Min.
pic309353_tQwirkle2-46+45 Min.
pic236327_tRace for the Galaxy2-412+30-60 Min.
pic1254753_tRace to the Treasure!1-45+20 Min.
pic1392135_tResistance, The5-1013+30 Min.
pic2395242_tRisk2-610+120 Min.
plantsRisk: Plants vs. Zombies210+45 Min.
pic2047441_tRobot Turtles2-54+15 Min.
pic2286966_tRummikub2-48+60 Min.
510D2MnfRvL__AA160_Rush Hour18+20 Min.
51fOU9GonXL__AA160_Scattergories2-612+30 Min.
pic404651_tScrabble2-41090 Min.
sequenceSequence2-127+10 Min.
pic2419375_tSettlers of Catan3-612+60 Min.
pic70547_tShadows Over Camelot3-710+60-80 Min.
pic428828_tSmall World2-58+40-80 Min.
pic177331_tSmart Ass2-812+30 Min.
pic1269874_tSmash Up2-412+45 Min.
pic1187187_tSorry!2-46+30 Min.
pic1904079_tSplendor2-410+30 Min.
pic2247647_tStar Wars - Imperial Assault2-512+90 Min.
61xjBTIqgSL__AA160_Stratego28+45 Min.
pic1418335_tSuburbia1-48+90 Min.
pic1912529_tTakenoko2-48+45 Min.
Telestrations4-812+30 Min.
pic1356616_tTerra Mystica2-512+60-150 Min.
tetrisTetris Link2-46+15 Min.
pic38668_tTicket to Ride2-58+30-60 Min.
pic66668_tTicket to Ride - Europe2-58+30-60 Min.
pic1606346_tTrains2-412+45 Min.
pic262539_tTsuro: The Game of the Path2-88+15 Min.
pic361592_tTwilight Struggle213+180 Min.
pic73103_tUNO2-106+30 Min.
51OsaqOUYsL__AA160_Werewolf5-6813+30 Min.
pic1285411_tWits and Wagers Party4-188+25 Min.
51TTMZpS1-L__AA160_Yatzee2-106+30 Min.


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