Althea R. Sherman’s Chimney Swifts’ Tower

Mar 10, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Meeting Room A


Barbara Boyle talks about native Iowan Althea R. Sherman (1853-1943), who launched a second, self-taught career at age 50, in the science of ornithology. She made of her ‘Acre of Birds’ in northeast Iowa, a living research laboratory and studied 42 specific bird species for 7 to 36 years each. Her paintings of the American Goldfinch inspired the Iowa legislature to adopt it as our State Bird. Sherman created a remarkable 28-foot-tall tower with an artificial chimney 100 years ago in order to study Chimney Swifts.

Boyle is a co-founder of the Johnson County Songbird Project, a nonprofit established in 1991, and has been the director of The Althea R. Sherman Project for 22 years.

This is a virtual program. Contact the Reference Desk to register to view with us in Room B or pre-register to view from home. A different program every Wednesday in March in celebration of Women’s History Month!

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