College Planning 101

May 17, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeting Room B


Preparing for life’s changes takes work. This workshop offers insights and guidance to help participants make sound decisions. College-bound students and their families will learn the value of college and having a plan, the basics of financial aid, and tips to lower the cost of college.

Topics include:
– Why attend college?
– What does college mean to me?
– Get a heard start in high school.
– Cost to attend.
– Financial aid and student loans.

Presented by Glennay Jundt, Financial Associate, Thrivent

This is a live presentation with a virtual option. Sign up at the Reference Desk to join us in Meeting Room B, or pre-register here to view from home via ZOOM.

This presentation is free and open to the public. If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask.