Game On with Music – the Video!

Apr 05, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeting Room B


Did you miss this program last week? Watch the video here.

Few things are more colorful than the graphics in video games. Did you ever stop to think of how much ‘color’ the music adds to video games? From 8-bit beats to glorious symphonies, the music of video games has helped paint fantastical worlds of collective imagination since gaming’s early days. The Des Moines Gamer Symphony Orchestra (DSMGSO) was founded in 2019 to celebrate and share these glorious pieces with our community. One of their goals is to use these songs as a gateway to learn and appreciate classical music.

The DSMGSO is an all-volunteer team of video game music enthusiasts, gamers, and musicians who want to promote classical music through performance of music from video games. DSMGSO founder Aaron Barker will cover the vast diversity of music created for video games. He’ll also talk about the ensembles formed around the world to perform these masterpieces, particularly the ensemble in our very own Iowa capital. This presentation includes interactive trivia, as well as plenty of music clips.

Virtual program with ZOOM option – Space is limited! Sign up at the Reference Desk to view with us in Room B or pre-register to view from home.

This program is free and open to the public. Face masks and social distancing are required for in-person events and programs.