Iowa History Book Club

Iowa History Book Club

Mar 30, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeting Room D


To commemorate Iowa’s 175th year of statehood, the State Historical Society of Iowa invites you to take a deep dive into some of the best books about Iowa’s fascinating history. Join Andrew Klumpp, editor of The Annals of Iowa, and a guest author every three months for a lively, online discussion about each book.

This is a virtual event. Space is limited and registration is required. Join us in Meeting Room D, or pre-register here to view it from home via ZOOM. Check the catalog for availability of this book.

A first-ever chronicle of the Midwest’s formative century, “The Good Country” restores the American heartland to its central place in the nation’s history. The American Midwest was the most democratically advanced place in the world during the nineteenth century. “The Good Country” describes a rich civic culture that prized education, literature, libraries, and the arts; developed a stable social order grounded in Victorian norms, republican virtues, and Christian teachings; and generally put democratic ideals into practice to a greater extent than any nation to date.

Hosted by Andrew Klumpp and John Lauck.