Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Special Event ~ The Life of Jesse Hoover

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Special Event ~ The Life of Jesse Hoover

Sep 08, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Meeting Room D


The Life of Jesse Hoover
Special Event presented by the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site and Presidential Library Museum

The first week of September marks the 175th anniversary of Jesse Hoover’s birth. Jesse was an inventive and talented young entrepreneur, a self-taught blacksmith, inventor, pump manufacturer, community leader, pioneer West Branch businessman, and husband… as well as the father of the thirty-first President of the United States.

When he is mentioned in biographies of his son, Jesse is little more than a footnote, whose work ethic and entrepreneurship were an inspiration. While remarkable in many ways, Jesse Hoover’s life offers us a window into the social, economic and religious life of the broader Iowa community that produced Herbert Hoover. Join us for new perspectives on a man who, to the son who barely remembered him, remained a figure in the shadows.

Presented by Peter Hoehnle, a native of Iowa and Park Ranger at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. He has a Ph.D. in History from Iowa State University.

Advance registration is required for this FREE virtual event. Contact the Reference Desk to view with us in Room D or to pre-register here to view from home.

This event is free and open to the public. If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask for in-person events and programs.