Marigold seed giveaway – Obsequio de semillas de caléndula

Marigold seed giveaway - Obsequio de semillas de caléndula

Oct 01 - Oct 31, All Day

Council Bluffs Public Library


Our Prairie Rose seed library will have small starter sets of marigolds seeds available on the 1st floor. Pick one up before supplies run out.

Nuestra biblioteca de semillas Prairie Rose tiene pequeños paquetes de semillas de caléndula disponibles gratis en el primer piso durante el mes de octubre. Pase para recoger uno antes de que los suministros se agotan.

Marigold Growing Instructions:

  • Marigold seeds can either be started indoors 4-8 weeks before the last frost or directly sowed outside after the last frost.
  • Seeds germinate best in soil that is around 70° Germination usually occurs within 5-10 days.
  • Plant seeds to a depth of 1/4“ and 8-15” apart.
  • Water regularly and keep soil evenly moist until plants are well established.
  • Plants need full sun to bloom.
  • Remove (deadhead) spent flowers to encourage more blooms.
  • Marigolds are annual plants but will self-seed in good growing conditions.
  • Collect the seeds from dried flower heads to plant again next year, share with a friend, or donate to the seed library!

Marigold Types:

Crackerjack Marigolds (African or Mexican Marigolds):

  • Grow to 24-36” tall and 6-20” wide
  • Bloom midsummer to fall

French marigold Mix:

  • Includes 3 varieties that bloom Summer to Fall
  • Dainty Marietta French grows 12-18” tall
  • Petite French grows 8-10” tall
  • Sparky French grows 12-20” tall