Shakespeare and His 400-Year-Old Paper

Shakespeare and His 400-Year-Old Paper

Jul 07, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Meeting Room B


An interactive presentation celebrating Shakespeare on the Green!

Rediscovering Shakespeare through the examination of antique books and paper.

Visit the greatest writer of all time through an examination of antique books and paper, some going back over 400 years. You might make a connection with Shakespeare that you never experienced before!   Where did Shakespeare get his ideas for his stories?  Do we use any of Shakespeare’s phrases today in our everyday lives?  What is the story behind the printing of Shakespeare’s plays?  How has 400 year old paper not just disintegrated? Did Shakespeare really have a hand in creating the KING JAMES Bible of 1611, and can I really hold a page from that first Bible? You will have the opportunity to look at some of the original texts from the 1600’s, ask questions, and discuss what makes Shakespeare and his paper so fascinating!

Jack Parkhurst has been a theatre practitioner for over 50 years. He began as an educator in Clarinda, and moved on to build a successful high school  program in Ralston, NE. Eventually, he moved into the university system, spending over thirty years specializing in directing and theatre education for teachers. He and his wife Joan, an actress and teacher, have been collecting antique books related to Shakespeare for the last twenty years.

This in-person program is free and open to the public.