Third Thursday at Hoover’s – Iowa and the Great Depression

Third Thursday at Hoover's - Iowa and the Great Depression

Jan 19, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Meeting Room D


Sometimes called “the worst hard time,” the Great Depression touched every American community and citizen. This talk focuses on how Iowans experienced the 1930s. The presentation will discuss the ways the ways that Iowans survived hard times, and how some residents turned to radical action in response to the ordeal.

About the Speaker: Park Ranger Peter Hoehnle is a National Park Service guide at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site and holds a doctorate in history. He enjoys doing historical research and has been widely published on American communal societies, including volumes on Amana and the Shakers.

This is a free virtual program and is open to the public. Join us in Room C or register here to view it from home with ZOOM.