Summer Reading FAQs

Summer Reading Challenge FAQs

Welcome to the Council Bluffs Public Library’s FAQs page. Find answers to the most common questions asked about Beanstack by our users. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us here.

Simple! The easiest way is to download the Beanstack Tracker app to a mobile device.

Search for Beanstack where you buy apps (Google Play Store, App Store, etc). It is free to download and use. On your computer you can just go to the link.

Launch the app and choose School, Library, or Bookstore as your organization type. Click Find a Site and type in Council Bluffs Public Library. Click the link to Sign up!

You can also register through a web browser on your computer. Open our Beanstack Landing Page and click to Register as an Individual or Family.

Either method you choose will walk you through the registration process from here. You will create an account and then can add as many readers as you need to so that your entire family’s reading and activities can be tracked from one account.

If you already have an account from last year, you can just log in!

Of course. You can set up as many profiles as you like, for readers of any age.

In the app, click on the reader’s initials in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Next to the account name, click Change. In the pop-up window, select the account you’d like to switch to and log in.

In a web browser, click on the reader’s name in the upper right corner. A menu will appear. Click Change Readers. A list of all the readers in your family account will appear and you can select a new reader.

It’s so easy! In the app, tap the big plus sign on the bottom menu, and select Reading. You can start a reading timer or manually enter your minutes or hours spent reading. Boom, you’re done.

If you want to get fancy, you can also log the specific book you read. Simply scan the ISBN barcode on the back of your book using your mobile device or manually enter the title.

Alternatively, you can log your books and activities through the Beanstack website. Log in and click on your reading challenge. Select your next badge and then Log Next Minute. From here you can start a reading timer or log minutes you have already read.

Using the app or the website, you can log past time reading. Click on log reading. Click on the date on the calendar once and fill in the information in the fields below. After you have entered the time, the purple dot will be under the date to indicate you logged time on that day.

Each age group is set up with five reading badges for time spent reading and five activity-based challenges. You can choose to complete any five of these badges in any combination to complete the program. In the app, tap the plus sign in the bottom center and select Activity. Alternatively, from the app or a web browser, you can go to the challenge and work through the categories that way. From the Home page, scroll down to Current Challenges and find your reader’s challenge. Select the badge you want to work on and click the boxes to log activities.

The badges you have not completed appear in black and white. Completed badges appear in full color! You can click on any badge to check your progress. Activity badges will have check boxes with a green checkmark to indicate the task has been completed. Reading badges will list the amount of time already logged toward the current badge under the green clock face.

In the app, you can also look for the bottom menu. Second from the left is your Log. From there, you can see what books, activities, and badges you’ve completed. If you want to see your progress in a specific challenge, you can go to that challenge. On the Home screen, scroll down to the Current Challenges heading and find the one you want to view.

You’re welcome to sign up for any program designed for your age range.

If you or another reader on your account is signed up for multiple challenges at once, you might find it easiest to log activities from within that specific challenge. From the Home screen, scroll down to the Current Challenges and find the one for which you want to log activities. You’ll see the list of available activities (or categories). Choose the one you want to log and follow the instructions.

Not really. Beanstack doesn’t automatically count your books read or time spend reading as activities completed, even if the activity is reading a certain book. Therefore, books logged will not count toward an activities challenge. But you can certainly count your time reading and mark the book read in the activity manually. That’s not cheating. That’s just efficiency!

Every time you reach a reading milestone, you’ll win a badge – a little, digital fist bump to celebrate the quality time your brain and your books have spent together. Sometimes those milestones will come with real prizes from the Library.

If you are logged in through the app, click on the challenge and then click on Rewards. If you are logged in through a web browser, click the link for Rewards. In both versions, you will see a list of any rewards the reader has earned. Rewards with a green checkmark have already been redeemed. Rewards listed in greyscale have not yet been redeemed.

All rewards for ages 0-5 and grades K-6 can be picked up at the Youth Services Desk. Rewards for grades 6-12 can be picked up in Teen Central. Adults 18+ can pick up prizes at the Reference Desk on the second floor.

If you are in the app and don’t see the challenges you are enrolled in, you can look for the Discover icon at the bottom, second from the right. Tap that icon to get to a list of current and upcoming challenges. Below the current and upcoming challenges, Beanstack lists any past challenges for which you were registered. There is also a tab to take you to a list of activities if you are registered for an activity-based challenge.

In the app, tap the “gear” icon at the bottom right and then select Account. The main account holder will be listed. Tap on the name of that person, and then you edit your password.

In a web broswer, tap the “gear” icon at the upper right and select Edit Account. Enter a new password and click Save.

In the Beanstack Tracker app, look up Council Bluffs Public Library. That will take you to a sign-in screen for our service. Then use the Forgot Password? link with the email address you think you would have used to create an account. From a web browser, click the link to Sign In and then click the Forgot Your Password link.

We are here to help. Stop by the Library, call (712) 323-7553, or e-mail us at,, or