Library Services to At-Home Patrons

If you are already enrolled in Homebound Service and need to contact a librarian, please email or call 712-890-5421.

Homebound Services are available to any in-city resident of Council Bluffs who cannot get to the library due to advancing age, long term illness, or disability.  This service includes the selection of materials by library staff, as well as requests for specific titles and authors, as well as pick-up and return of library materials each month.  Home Delivery of library materials is dependent upon Volunteer availability.

The majority of our patrons are older adults and seniors.  This service is a meaningful way to connect people in our community to the access of library materials that help us to relax, learn, and escape!

Every four weeks, new materials are delivered in person by a library volunteer.  Homebound Participants are not responsible for late fees, but will be assessed a fee for any lost or damaged items.  Selections and selection history will be made and kept by library staff based upon preferences or requests provided by the patron.

Continuation in Homebound Services is determined by the following factors:

VOLUNTEER AVAILABILITY– Home delivery is dependent upon availability and the volunteer’s willingness to deliver to a specific site.  You may send someone on your behalf to act as deliverer if the library is unable to provide volunteer delivery service.

TIMELINESS OF RETURNS– Materials needing to be returned to the library should be prepared for pick up on designated delivery days.  Items not returned during delivery days should be returned as soon as possible, as others may be waiting for items on hold.

RETURNED STATE OF LOANED MATERIALS & OTHER LIBRARY PROPERTY– Materials should be returned in the state in which they were loaned to you.  This includes the delivery bags used for transportation.

To apply for Homebound Service, please fill out the following form. Homebound Service is dependent upon eligibility.
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