Makerspace Policies

3D Printing

3D Printers and copiers will be operated by staff only. Patrons can submit a project to the Technology Support Librarian, and will be informed when their project is completed. Patrons will be charged for the cost of the printing filament, at a rate of $1.00 per hour of printing, rounded to the nearest hour.

Audio Recording

The Makerspace Lab has microphones, software, digital records, and a sound-booth for audio recording. Patrons may record and edit sound, but must be respectful of others using the library. Patrons wishing to record music can do so only with the approval of the Technology Support Librarian. In addition to the stationary mics, the Makerspace Lab houses a professional recorder for field recordings which can be checked out (see the section on loaning equipment).

Computer Use

The Makerspace Lab houses several PCs, laptops, and two specialized Mac Pro Computers. A list of software on each machine is posted in the lab. These machines are intended to be used for the purposes of creative digital production (not for gaming, word processing, etc.). Computers in the Makerspace Lab are first-come-first-serve. The Technology Support Librarian reserves the right to end a computing session as is necessary to accommodate others. Patrons wishing to schedule a time to use a computer can contact the Technology Support Librarian to inquire about availability.

Copying Media

The Makerspace Lab houses devices for capturing and converting various forms of media. These devices and software are intended for use with home media, not commercial media protected by copyright. Copyright law is posted inside lab. The Technology Support Librarian can help patrons use media capture and conversion technologies, but patrons are responsible and accountable for observing copyright. Blank DVDs and CDs are available for sale in the Library Makerspace. CDs are $.50 ea and DVDs are $1.00 ea. Flash Drives are available for $3.00 ea.

Large Format Printing & Specialty Printing

The Makerspace Lab has a large format (plotter) printer capable of printing on paper up to 24” wide. This copier will be operated by staff only. Patrons can submit a project to the Technology Support Librarian. Patrons will be charged $.75/ft. Specialized materials such as card stock and vinyl are also available – cost for these materials will be determined by the Technology Support Librarian.

Loaning Equipment

Some of the equipment in the lab is available for circulation, and can be checked out for up to 5 days with a valid library card. A patron may check out no more than one piece of equipment and its accompanying accessories at a time. Equipment can only be checked out during Makerspace Lab hours. The patron is required to sign an agreement and present it to the Technology Assistant Librarian before the equipment will be released.

There are no renewals on loans for equipment from the Makerspace Lab. Equipment loaned from the Makerspace Lab must be returned to the Lab during regular hours of operation. Equipment may not be returned in the book drop. Patrons returning damaged or incomplete equipment will be charged the entire replacement cost for that item. Late, damaged, or missing materials will be billed to the patron by the City of Council Bluffs.

Lab Use

Makerspace Lab hours of operation are M-Th 12:00PM-9:00PM and Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM. The Makerspace Lab may only be used during these normal hours of operation. If the Council Bluffs Public Library is closed in observance of a holiday, the Makerspace Lab will also be closed. A patron wishing to use the Makerspace Lab is encouraged to contact the Technology Support Library to make an appointment and to discuss the availability of resources for their project.

Robotics and other kits

The Makerspace Lab houses a variety of kits for purposes of prototyping and STEM learning. Lego Mindstorms, littleBits Pro Library, RaspberryPi, and other kits may be used by patrons in the Makerspace Lab. Kits, kit pieces, projects, and robots do not circulate, and must remain in the lab.