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The Council Bluffs Public Library provides public access to computers, software programs, and a broad range of digital information resources, including those available through the Internet, in order to serve the educational and informational needs of the community. Use of these resources at the Council Bluffs Public Library is a privilege not a right.


  • To ensure computer resources are available to all users in an equitable manner, the Library may limit the amount of time each user can spend on a computer per day. Time extensions may be available with consent of staff. Seeking to extend usage without consent through deception, false identification, or subverting of Library systems is prohibited.
  • Users are responsible for the cost of pages printed.  Those unfamiliar with printing from the Library’s computers are encouraged to seek staff assistance when attempting to print for the first time.
  • Software is used to block pornographic sites, proxy avoidance sites, peer-to-peer file transfers, and sites that pose a security risk to the Library’s network. This software may not block all information that may be harmful to minors, as well as visual depictions of materials deemed obscene or child pornography. In addition, software may block content that is deemed appropriate.  Patrons may submit a request to have sites unblocked; requests will be reviewed by Library Leadership.
  • The availability of information via the Library’s Internet service does not constitute endorsement of the content of that information by the Library. Information accessible from the Internet is not generated by the Council Bluffs Public Library and is not necessarily accurate, authoritative, complete, or current. The Council Bluffs Public Library waives any responsibility for content accessible from the Internet. This includes access for children and young adults. Parents are strongly advised to monitor their children’s use of the Library.
  • Since software and information downloaded from any source, including the Internet, may contain computer viruses, users are advised to utilize virus checking software on their computers. All users of Library computers or network connections (including wireless connectivity) agree to hold the Council Bluffs Public Library harmless from any and all claims, losses and damages, obligations and liabilities, directly or indirectly relating from the use of computer equipment, peripherals, and network connections, caused thereby or there from arising. In no event shall the Council Bluffs Public Library have any liability for loss of data, lost profits or for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages or any liability to any third party, even if the Library is advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • All patron electronic searches are private and confidential. No information regarding patron search histories will be released to anyone, including any agency of local, state, or federal government, without a court order or statutory authority. All requests for such information shall be referred to the Library Director.  As much as is technically possible, no electronic search histories will be retained by the Library
  • While the Library does not track user browsing history, usage may still be visible to websites, employers, schools, and internet service providers.
  • Due to the right and need for the Council Bluffs Public Library to monitor compliance with this policy, utilization of the computers that requires privacy of any kind for any purpose is not supported. Any person utilizing the computers understands and agrees that they are specifically waiving any expectation or right to privacy in their communications, data, programs or other personal information stored, displayed, accessed, communicated, published or transmitted on computers.
  • Patrons using the Library's computer and internet access must comply with the Library's Behavior Code. Patrons may not use the Library's computer and internet access for any illegal purposes or to display graphics that are harmful to minors or are obscene. Laws governing obscenity, child pornography, and materials harmful to minors include, but are not limited to, Iowa Code sections 728.1, 728.2, 728.3, as well as provisions related to the Children’s Internet Protection Act.
  • Violation of this policy or the Library’s Behavior Code may result in revocation of utilization privileges and/or immediate termination of the violator’s relationship with the Council Bluffs Public Library and could lead to civil or criminal prosecution.

Among the uses that are considered unacceptable and which constitute a violation of this policy are:

  • Uses that violate the law or encourage others to violate the law. 
  • Uses that cause harm to others or damage to their property. 
  • Uses that jeopardize the security of access of the computer network or other networks on the Internet. 
  • Uses that intrude upon the rights of others. 
  • The Library is authorized by anyone using the computers to cooperate with any governmental and/or civil authorities in prosecutions of any criminal and/or civil matter against any person who violates this policy.
  • Utilization of the computers and network connections (including wireless connectivity) for any purpose constitutes acceptance of the terms of this policy. Users are personally responsible for their acts or omissions in connection with utilization in derogation of this policy.

Adopted: April 17, 2019

Approved: April 17, 2019; August 18, 2021

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