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Welcome to the new Council Bluffs Public Library website!  We hope you find it easy to navigate and full of information and resources.  Don’t worry!  Everything that was on our website before is still there. We have just made it easier to navigate both on your computer and your device and added some additional resources. A couple of things to note that are new to the website. 

First the “search” option at the top of the page allows you to both search the library catalog for materials and also search the website itself for resources and services. Second, the “quick links” are there to help you quickly get to the resource or service that you are looking for.  Finally, there are now easily accessible web pages for the populations that we serve.  Browse these pages to find resources and information specifically for the age group you are in or caring for. 

A couple of things that aren’t new, but you may be discovering for the first time include our events and room reservation calendar, our Library of Things, and our Discovery Passes. 

We launched the events and room reservation calendar in April.  Through this calendar you are able to register for programs, see what programs are happening, and reserve rooms and makerspace stations.  Of course we are happy to help you if you need any assistance or have questions.

We have always had a Library of Things, but now the “things” are easy to find in one location on our website!  Some of our “things” include board games, art prints, cake pans, garden or bike repair tools, and technology equipment.  Take a look and find out how you can discover a new hobby or passion today.

Did you know you can reserve passes to visit local museums and cultural organizations in the Metro? Our ever popular Discovery Pass program was converted to an online reservation system in April. Many of our passes can now be reserved up to 30 days in advance online.  No more waiting outside the library hoping a pass is checked in!

We hope our new website helps you to “Discover it here” at your public library!

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