Animals in the Library

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The Council Bluffs Public Library serves the public and enriches, informs and empowers our community. All residents are welcome to use the resources and services provided by the library, but only designated services animals will be allowed in the facility.     


  • Only canines and miniature horses are classified as Services Animals under the American Disabilities Act.
    • Staff can ask the following questions if a canine or a miniature horse does enter the facility
      • Is the dog/miniature horse a service animal required because of a disability?
      • What work or task has the dog/miniature horse been trained to perform?
  • Emotional support animals will not be allowed in the facility.
    Exceptions will be made for programming purposes where the animal is trained to perform a specific task or skill to educate and/or entertain the community.

Adopted: March 17, 2021

Approved: March 17, 2021; March 20, 2024

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