Cochran Kiosk

Opening Summer 2024

Patrons will be able to check out library materials 24/7 when they visit the Cochran Kiosk! This Kiosk will be able to hold 235 books and will be stocked with youth, young adult, and adult fiction and nonfiction titles. Check here for information and updates regarding the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cochran Library Kiosk is a great option for a neighborhood library.  It allows for easy browsing anytime and the material in the machine will be changing so check back often to discover something new.  It is cost effective as it won’t require heating and cooling and because it is automated, staff is not required to be there for you to check-out items.

Yes! You will need your Council Bluffs Public Library card to access the machine and check out items.  You will also need to remember your PIN number.

Absolutely! The Cochran Library Kiosk can accept returns of Council Bluffs Public Library materials.  It can even accept books or DVDs that you didn’t check out at the kiosk.  It won’t be able to accept items that are too big for the return slot or that are not Council Bluffs Public Library items.

It is open anytime! That is the wonderful benefit of an automated system.  The machine is available when you are.  Browse materials when you want and return your items any time of day.

You can check out up to 5 items from the kiosk.  This lower limit helps to ensure that there are always items available to browse in the machine. 

So many community partners were involved in making this Cochran Library Kiosk possible.  The Council Bluffs Public Library Foundation was a primary supporter of this project.  The Iowa West Foundation, the Community Foundation for Western Iowa, and the Friends of the Council Bluffs Public Library provided funding for the shelter.  Lastly, as with all Council Bluffs Public Library operations, the City of Council Bluffs is the main funding support for ongoing operations.