Painting the Cochran Library Kiosk!

The Cochran Library Kiosk is currently being painted!

The Cochran Library Kiosk will be a part of the murals on FIRST AVE and is currently being painted by the wonderful artist Ilaamen Pelshaw.  

Thanks to a partnership with the Iowa West Foundation, the First Ave trail is home to several murals. The murals project, part of a broader initiative to activate public spaces and foster community engagement, showcases the talents of local artists and transforms the corridor into a vibrant canvas. While each mural tells a unique story, the collection of artwork beautifies our city and celebrates its rich history and community spirit.

The murals have transformed the FIRST AVE corridor into a dynamic space of artistic expression, reflecting our commitment to activating public spaces and fostering community engagement.

The process to install this mural started last week with the wrapping of the kiosk with white vinyl. 

Vinyl applied to Cochran Kiosk
Vinyl applied to Cochran Kiosk

That vinyl was then primed and now the artist is hand painting her original work of art onto the machine itself. 

Artists painting mural on Cochran Kiosk
Mural on Cochran Kiosk drying

This does mean the machine is not available for use as the paint dries, but everything should be completed by Friday, July 12 for the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration

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