Cochran Library Kiosk is Now Available for Check-out!

The Cochran Library Kiosk is now available for check-out!

On June 25, the kiosk device was delivered and installed along the FIRST AVE trail at 22nd Street. The kiosk was configured on June 26, and today, it has been stocked with materials and is ready for you to browse and check out items!

What does that mean?  Grab your library card and head on over to Cochran Park to try it out!

As a reminder, the books are shelved in random order and are browsable by selecting the “Show more titles” option on the kiosk touch screen.  To check out, you will need your library card with you or have your card number memorized to type in on the touch screen.  Simply make your selection, and the item will be dispensed to you.  As simple as that!

Forklift removing kiosk from semi-truck and Forklift moving kiosk to shelter
Worker cutting of wrap from Kiosk & Kiosk in shelter
Patron at Kiosk & Patron retrieving book from Kiosk

More activity will be happening in the coming weeks as staff learns how to load and empty the machine and a mural is installed on the machine.

There will be a grand opening celebration on July 12 from 5 to 7 p.m., which will include a couple of food trucks and an opportunity to get a limited-edition library card.

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