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The Council Bluffs Public Library seeks to enrich, empower and inform the community by protecting the confidentiality of library users and respecting their right to privacy. To encourage access to all information available at the Council Bluffs Public Library, the library enforces patron record confidentiality according to Iowa Code Section 22.7.


  • The Library will not reveal personally identifying information of individual users for private, public or commercial use, nor reveal the information sources or services they consult unless required by law.
  • Information regarding an individual’s Library record is made available only to that individual and authorized library staff with the following exceptions:
    • Library account information may be revealed to an individual who is legally responsible for the account holder for the purpose of recovering overdue materials and settling accounts for lost, late or damaged materials and for other matters related to the recovery of materials or charges incurred.
    • Library accounts may be revealed to a collection agency, law enforcement personnel, or city and county attorney’s officials for the purpose of recovering long-overdue materials.
  • Possession of a Library card implies consent to provide account information unless staff has reason to believe consent has not been given, or the card is reported lost or stolen.
  •  Personally identifying information contained in the Library’s Administrative Record may include:
    • Names of account holders and their registration information.
    • Information sought or received.
    • Materials consulted, borrowed, acquired, requested or transmitted.
    •  Digital transactions or queries, reference interviews and interlibrary loan records.
    • All other personally identifiable uses of library materials, facilities or services.
    • Library security camera recordings are considered confidential records. Authorized Library staff may view recordings, and they may be viewed by law enforcement officials upon receipt of a subpoena, or court order.
  • Information is retained for as long as necessary to perform library processes regarding statistical compilation or recovery of library materials, fines and/or charges, or as permitted by applicable law.
  • Confidentiality does not extend to:
    • Contact information for displays and meeting room reservations
    • Videotaped or photographed persons attending Library programs or public meetings. These images may be used for Library programming or promotion, including broadcast on the Library website, the Internet, and other media.
  • The lawful custodian of the Administrative Record is the Director of the Library.
  • At no time will the Library Director, who serves as custodian of the records, release protected records except pursuant to a process, subpoena, or court order authorized pursuant to a federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, administrative, or legislative investigative power. Library staff will seek legal counsel from the City Attorney's Office in the event of such a request for release of Library records, and will respond to the request according to advice of counsel.
  • Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for information sought or received, or materials consulted or borrowed, through third party digital services that the Library provides access to. The willful use of or submission of information to these third party resources by Library account holders is subject to third party privacy policies.


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Adopted: July 19, 2000

Amended & Reapproved: October 16, 2002; October 15, 2003; June 20, 2007; August 18, 2010; May 21, 2014; April 26, 2017; February 19, 2020; July 19, 2023;

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