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Gifts & Memorials

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The Council Bluffs Public Library accepts gifts and memorials in material form as well as monetary form to support the mission and vision of the library through building the collection and supporting programming, resources, and services for the community.


  • Gifts and memorials in all formats for the library collection are accepted in accordance with the Library Collection Management Policy (2.1).
    • Gifts and memorial donations for specific requests are honored if they provide desirable additions to the library. Items purchased with specific memorial donations will be identified and acknowledged.
    • Gifts or memorial items added to the library collection are retained or withdrawn in accordance with the Library Collection Management Policy (2.1)
  • The library reserves the right of acceptance, rejection, and disposition of all gifts and donations and does not place any valuation on any such donations.
  • Other items donated or purchased with Gift and Memorial Fund monies are kept or discarded in accordance with standard library or, if applicable, city procedures.
  • A Memorial Fund has been established to accept memorial and undesignated donations. Monies in this fund will be used to support the library. Any materials purchased from this fund will be kept in the library collection in accordance with the Library Collection Management Policy (2.1).
  • Once a gift is accepted by the Library, it becomes the property of the Library, to be used or disposed of in accordance with established practices and policies.

Adopted: March 1993

Amended & Reapproved: June 18, 2003; November 2006; September 16, 2009; February 15, 2012; March 18, 2015; February 17, 2021; January 17, 2018; February 17, 2021

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