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Library accounts are issued to individuals or organizations

Individuals 18 or older must show proper identification before a physical library card will be issued.   Proper identification includes a photo ID with a current address. If the address on the photo ID is not current, the following are examples of what could be substituted:

  • Utility bill (electric, gas, phone, cable TV)
  • Car registration
  • Government Assistance Letter
  • Bank statement or checkbook
  • Residential lease agreement

Individuals 17 and younger will be issued an account after providing correct information, including their full name, address, phone number and parent’s/legal guardian/s name.

  • The Library does not restrict access to materials based on an individual’s age
  • The Library is not authorized to act ‘in loco parentis.’ Issues related to a minor’s library card use must be worked out between the parent and child

Free Council Bluffs Public Library accounts are issued to:

  • Permanent residents of:
    • The City of Council Bluffs
    • Unincorporated and rural areas of Pottawattamie County
    • Cities with a library service contract: Crescent, McClelland, Treynor, Minden  and Underwood
    • Group homes or assisted living facilities
  • Property owners of property in the city of Council Bluffs, and unincorporated and rural areas of Pottawattamie County 
  • Eligible Iowa Open Access program participants. Must be a resident of a community with a library or an area that contracts for library services participating in the State Library of Iowa’s Open Access program. Some restrictions to electronic resources and other services may apply.
  • Individual residents in transitional, emergency, correctional, temporary or half-way housing.  Individuals must bring the Library form on Library letterhead with a staff signature of the residence where they reside.

Fee based accounts may be purchased by non-residents and those who do not qualify for free accounts.


Organizations must provide, on agency letterhead, a written statement, signed by the responsible fiscal agent, accepting financial liability for all materials lost or damaged before an account will be issued.

The letter also needs to include the names of the individuals permitted to use the account.

All rules, regulations, and fees which apply to an individual account holder also apply to the Organizational account.

Organizational accounts are issued FREE to schools, agencies, businesses or other institutions (other than transitional, emergency, correctional, temporary or half-way housing) based in Pottawattamie County.


Students enrolled at participating local school districts may be issued an account that gives access to electronic resources and some physical items.

Information is obtained through the participating school district and not initiated at the library.

No fines or fees are associated with a LIT: Student Account, but some restrictions to use may apply if items are not returned or returned damaged.


Non-resident educators working in local school districts can be issued an account to support the academic success of our community youth.

Educators must provide a photo ID, proof of residence, and school district ID or proof of employment to be eligible.

All rules, regulations, and fees apply to an educator’s account which apply to an individual’s account, except for a waiver of the annual non-resident fees.

Accounts expire after one year, but can be applied for at any time within the school year.


Adopted: February 18, 2009

Amended & Reapproved: August, 17, 2011; July 17, 2013; October 21, 2015; April 18, 2018; December 16, 2020; December 21, 2022; April 26, 2023

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