Changes to Hoopla starting July 1

Starting July 1, 2024, the Council Bluffs Public Library will no longer be able to provide Hoopla Digital to Open Access patrons.

This change only affects Open Access patrons.

Hoopla Digital is a platform that uses a pay-per-use streaming service for audiobooks, ebooks, movies and music. This service is funded directly from the general fund for the City of Council Bluffs which is taxpayer funded. Due to rising usage of the platform and rising costs associated with the platform, some changes had to be made. Instead of reducing the amount that individuals can access with the service, we chose to limit the usage to taxpayers in Council Bluffs and the towns that contract with Council Bluffs Public Library for library services. 

Open Access is a state supported program aimed at increasing access across the state of Iowa for certain services and materials.  Users of the program are always encouraged to use the resources and services at the home library first.

Access to Hoopla Digital will continue to be available to Council Bluffs Library account holders who have library cards that are not Open Access.

For those patrons affected by this change, Hoopla Digital may already be available to you through your home library. Please check with your local library about availability.

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