The Library will be closed Wednesday, June 19

The Library will be closed Wednesday, June 19 in observance of Juneteenth.

Community Ofrenda

Our Community Ofrenda is made possible through a partnership with the student group Spanish for Spanish Speakers from Thomas Jefferson High School.

October 18-30, bring photos of the loved ones you want to remember to the Youth Desk. While you wait, we will make a color copy of your photo and return the original to you. The copied photo will be placed on our ofrenda. You are welcome to bring in pre-packaged, store-bought canned, or boxed food items to place on the ofrenda with your photos. Food will be donated to a local food pantry (no homemade or open food dishes or beverages, please). If you do not have a photo, we have a monarch memorial you can write your loved one’s name on that will then be added to the ofrenda.