A Trip to Egypt


Caroline Dodge was the daughter of Nathan P Dodge. She was born in Council Bluffs in 1866.
She graduated from Smith College in 1890 and then obtained a law degree from New York University.
In 1896 after passing the Bar in New York and Iowa, Caroline joined the firm of Wright and Baldwin in Council Bluffs.

By all accounts Caroline was a socially active woman and no stranger to travel.

In March 1905 Caroline and her father started out on an extended tour of Europe. N.P. Dodge was in Texas and Caroline was in Council Bluffs. They met up in New York City and set sail for Gibraltar on March 11. They arrived 9 days later.

Over the next 7 months they would visit Spain, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. After the trip N. P. Dodge wrote an article about the trip for the October 23, 1905 edition of the Daily Nonpareil. He stated that "Of all the countries in the world, Egypt presents the most points of interest".

After brief stays in Spain and Naples, they made their way to Alexandria. They traveled 133 miles up the Nile to Cairo, where they saw the sights, including the Pyramids. Another 450 miles on the Nile took them to Luxor and Karnak. They toured the temple of Luxor. "This temple was once connected with the temple of Karnak, two miles south, by a paved street flanked on both sides by sphinxes, some of which still remain."

By mid-April the heat in Egypt became too intense and the made their way north. By May 12 they were in Athens, Greece.

The library is fortunate to have a few photographs of the Dodge's trip to Egypt. Below are photos of Caroline and N.P. Dodge on the road to Luxor, with the sphinxes lined up behind them.


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